Raul Julia Levy, son of the legendary actor of Hollywood, Raul Julia Arcelay, protagonist of the movie "The Addams Family" he was born on July 10, 1971 in the state of Guanajuato, but on international level he is a distinguished producer, actor and philanthropist.

     Up to his 17 years he lived in Mexico, well in that time he met his father during the shooting "Romero" filmed in Cuernavaca in 1989. The executive musical producer of "The Addams Family" Forter Corder remembered the gesticulations of the teen they were identical to his famous father, whom introduced him and told him that he was born in Mexico and that he was proud of him.

     In 1998 Raul Julia Levy filmed his fist movie in Houston "The culture of Silence Film Project" for the channel HBO, where he acted as a Mexican-American discontent with his life and with the system.

     The film was very controversial, which shows the problems of a culture stricked down by the violence. After the shooting, the major of Houston, James Brown gave him the key to the city for his service to protect women victims of the domestic violence.

     Even though him as a businessman has been in multiple pructions of Hollywood, they have won an Oscar for "The last king of Escocia" with Forest Whitaker , he has focused in the philanthropic field. He has received multiple awards from civil organizations and governmental protection for the women in the United States, like Hispanic Women's council, Project Amiga, and more, for his labor in favor of them.

     He was a member of Women's Council Protection in Los Angeles, with other people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver.

     His vision goes beyond, he has helped children in necessity, he was been recognize by the UNESCO in multiple occasions.

     In 2000 in Cumbre de Indigena in Oaxaca, the second event that Vicente Fox conducted as a president of Mexico, he invited movie producers from the United States, led by Raul Julia Levy and intellectual of the world and the culture invited for at least 25 places of the country.

     In Mexico in 2014 he helped students in Merida, Yucatán, from the Technical Institute of Tizimin, who won a national scholarship and he helped them with the cost of their trip to the United States and to DF.

     In his labor in favor towards the most needed he has worked with artist like Elton John, Johnny Depp, Wesley Snipes, Michael and Jermain Jackson, Harrison Ford, System of a Dow, Rza and Placido Domingo. He has also worked with distinguished public figures that fight for protecting the oceans and the respect towards "nonhuman persons" (dogs and cats) in the world.

     Raul Julia Levy, who during one year and a half lived with the two siblings Jermaine and Michael Jackson in the Neverland ranch, property of this last one, in 2007 he led the campaign to free "Lolita" the whale, who has lived for years in Marino aquarium of Miami. At the end the activists came to the conclusion that they could not survive in the sea, because they had been for a long time in captivity.

     In his hotel in Los Angeles, California has the program K9 International, designed to help "nonhuman persons" (dogs and cats) in a vulnerable situation in the United States and he plans to extend his froyect to Mexico.

     In that sense, the activist lead and started the negotiations with the elected president of Valle del Bravo, Mauricio Osorio Dominguez and the activist Mariana Martinez Garcia, so January 19 and on, the town Valle del Bravo turns into the first to consider the animals as people "non humans" in Latin America, as well as France and India.

     Within other invitations Raul Julia Levy was invited in a special manner by the President in San Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren and the Episcopal conference of this country, as well as the President Enrique Peña Nieto to the beatification ceremony of Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero in 2015.

     Recently he prepares the magnum project "Telecan", who hopes to raise funds for the animalistic cause in Mexico and at the same time create awareness in order to respect living creatures, due to that Mexico occupies the third place in mistreatment in the wold.



  • The court recognize Raul Julia Levy as Raul Julia legitimate son.

    A federal judge opposed the exhumation of the body of the famous actor from Hollywood, Raul Julia recognize his older son, Raul Julia Levy.

    Some time ago, the producer and philanthropist demanded in a federal court in Los Angeles, to exhumed the dead body of his father, at the same time he demanded that him and his supposedly brothers conducted a DNA test, but his father's widow, Merel Polloway, denies to do so.

  • Actor rescues stray dog, will pay for his cancer treatment in US

    The animal was named 'Pablito' and he is 13 years old.

    The Hollywood actor Raul Julia Levy prepares the chemotherapy and dialysis of a dog who was rescued from the street, which will have a cost of 30 thousand dollars.

  • Calakmul and Jaina film was stolen; the accusation was delayed by PGR

    The fim material of the architectural zone of Calakmul, Campeche, which was going to be utilizes for one of the documentaries most waited for in this past years in a international level, it was stolen and taken out illegally from the country.

    This happened in 2012- until now revealed by Chronic- it enclose corruption, dilation, and indifference on behalf of PGR and the state attorney, as well as disagreement between the National Institute of Anthropology and History and independent organizations in the film industry and television in the United States, which turns it into a potential conflict binational.

  • Hollywood leaves Mexico behind for violence and juristic uncertainty: Raul Julia

    The unpublished film material carried out of the archeological sites of Calakmul and Jaina, in Campeche, seems to be just one piece in the national inner workings for insecurities and juristic uncertainty.

    Based on data from the Organization of Associated Producers from Hollywood, in the last 4 years it has stopped filming in national territory for at least 100 movies and stop investing for more than 2 thousand to 300 million dollars that would of generated jobs for technicians and other Mexican workers.

  • Renato Sales was notify of the robbery for the filming material in Calakmul

    New official documents obtain by Cronica, proves that Renato Sales Heredia, being the general court agent of Justice in Campeche, was notify about the roberry and illegal substraction of the filming material of the archeological site of Calakmul and Jaina, two days after the event.

    On April 16, 2012, under the title "Help needed", the officer from the local Attorney General's office Angelica Concepción Hernandez Calderon lead the actual national officer of anti kidnapping with a letter in where the issue was described and it asked him to search for the collaboration of lawyers offices in all the states of the country to locate and present the Polish millionaire Elizabeth Thieriot and the other people involve in the issue.

  • It was not a competency for the Attorney's office of Campeche: Renato Sales

    The accusation of the supposed robbery and substraction of the filming material of the Archeological Site of Calakmul, Campeche, and the possible violation of the Federal law about Monuments, Archeological Sites, Artistic and Historical, they did not implied the competency of the Attorney's office of Justice of this state.

    This is what the national Anti kidnapping coordinator said, Renato Sales Heredia, who pointed out that last year on May 19 it was sent by PGR to this state branch the breakdown in certified copy of the previous investigation CCH-2453/1ERA/2012, in relation which was determined, on September 30, 2013, the Non Exercise of the Penalty Action (NEAP) in respect to conducts presumably crime relate in federal order.

  • Imcine demands the authorities to solve the robbery of the filming material of Calakmul

    The Cinematographic Mexican Institute (Imcine) demanded that the case of the robbery should be solved and the illegal subtraction of the country of unpublished filming material of the archeological site of Calakmul, in Campeche.

    "The issue represents something strong in terms that the affected person has presented a complaint and it should be in process and state the acts", Lorenza Manrique said, director of Aid to the Cinematographic Production and of the Mexican Filming Commission.

  • Specialist: penal responsibility in the case of Calakmul

    Before the violation of diverse constitutional articles and other laws, codes and rules, is viable to oppose to a political trial for the Calakmul case against the former attorney and current attorney of state justice of Campeche, Doctor Betty Zanolli Fabila concluded, specialist in civil rights and law enforcement of the Technological of Monterrey and UNAM.

    When an juristic analysis was conducted of the involved rules, the professor consider that Renato Sales Heredia- former attorney of Campeche- and current attorney Jose Ambrosio Herrera "they incurred in political responsibilities, administrative and overall criminal, for which the derivation of a political trial would let them file a complaint for the penalties of abuse of authority and wrongful exercise of public service.

  • They sell and spread outside of Mexico the Filming Material robbed in Calakmul

    Filming material of the archeological site of Calakmul, in Campeche, that had been stolen and taken out illegally out of the country since two years ago, it started spreading and be commercialised out of Mexico in the loss of cultural property of the country.

    The images were publishes in the preview of an emphasize documentary "Mayas Revelations and Hollywood lies", made by Elisabeth Thieriot, Polish millionaire located in the United States that on April 14, 2012 she took out the videos of national territory, stated in the promoted complaint before the Attorney's office of Campeche by the Hollywood producer, Raul Julia Levy, the only one with a permit form the National Institute of Anthropologist and History (INAH) to obtain the shooting...